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In 2004, THE BROADWAY THEATER burst onto the scene in San Diego, California.  THE BROADWAY, (as the locals call it), is located at 340 East Broadway in beautiful Vista, California.  THE BROADWAY is a theater that dares to be different.  Different.  How?  THE BROADWAY is a theater that stages shows for the ‘theater going public’.  You won’t

find anything experimental at THE BROADWAY.  In just

Ten short years this intimate, 49 seat space has been

honored twice by KGTV Channel 10 as the “2007 and 2008 BEST THEATER IN SAN DIEGO’.  In 2010 we were honored with a second place award.  In 2012 our little theater did it

again and won ‘BEST THEATER IN SAN DIEGO’. 

While accolades are wonderful, we never take ourselves

to seriously - as you have seen on the pages of this web site.

LIVE theater is fun, and we want the pages of our

web site to reflect that.  Your BROADWAY THEATER

experience begins at the front door. 


What is the ‘Broadway Theater experience?

From the moment you enter our doors you are greeted

by one of the owners who immediately points out the

complimentary cookies, coffee and tea we offer at every

performance.  It’s important to us that our patrons and

actors know we think of them as family.  We wouldn’t be in existence without their support.  And we make sure they know that from the moment they walk in the building. 



Actors LOVE working at THE BROADWAY.  Why? 

Because we foster a fun, supportive atmosphere. 

Actors do their best work when they are allowed to

create in a stress free environment.  All of you

actors out there know what I’m talking about. 

If a performer is not having a good time…it’s a

looooong run.  A positive working environment

is the reason we believe our shows are just a

little bit better than most theaters our size.

Our adult productions run 4 weeks. 

And our youth productions run 1 to 2 weeks.

We stage  6 adult season shows every year

And 3 to 6 youth shows .  This keeps our theater

Busy.  It’s like we  say,  ‘The Broadway Theater

ALWAYS has something on stage.” 


So, with our youth and adult

companies flourishing we decided to expand

And embrace new works and new shows.


The W.I.P. Projects and Special Event shows.  First our W.I.P projects...

In 2014 we added another facet to an already busy space, Our W.I.P. (Works in Progress), shows and our Special Event series of shows.   The W.I.P. Projects are plays and musicals submitted by local authors and then a committee of judges pick their favorites.  These productions then get a FULL STAGING for one weekend every summer.  When I say full staging I mean ‘full staging’.  The Broadway Theater funds all the sets and construction along with costumes, lighting, sound, publicity and free use of the theater.  This is unheard of.  It is hard enough for new authors to get their works read let alone produced.  The only thing the author is responsible for is finding a director and cast—we provide the rest.  It is very important to us that local works get seen and produced.  The San Diego Theater community is very tight knit and we are known for helping out fellow artists.

The  Special Event shows.

The SPECIAL EVENT shows area something new this                                                                                           year.  In February of 2015 we auditioned 20 local acts                                                                                       ranging from cabaret to instrumental and everything in                                                                                          between.  We choose 3 shows that will be staged throughout                                                                                   the year.   To find out more about the W.I.P. Projects and the                                                                                SPECIAL EVENT shows visit our ADULT SHOW and                                                                                                        OUR SEASON pages of this web site.

Other venues we work out of

For 21 years, Broadway Theater owners, Randall Hickman and Douglas Davis have been the resident directors for The City of San Marcos, Theater West youth program.  They produce 5 shows a year, and the shows are go up on the Hearth Theater stage in the San Marcos Community Center.  Also, in March of 2012 we began producing a mini-season of two shows at the LAWRENCE WELK RESORT THEATER in Escondido, California.  This beautiful Resort is a destination vacation for thousands of people around the world and we are thrilled to be a part of it’s amazing history.

So, are you interested in meeting the owners and theater managers who do it all? Check out their beautiful faces and bios on the STAFF page - we’re pretty stunning!  If you are a new visitor...WELCOME! We hope as you browse our pages you will find something that will inspire you to appear ON STAGE or in the audience.  Either way, you’re in for a wonderful time.   

Send us your email address by clicking the ‘JOIN OUR MAILING LIST’ link in the upper left hand column and we’ll send you information about auditions, workshops, and special deals on tickets. 















The Broadway Theater - 340 East Broadway, Vista, CA  92084