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The productions listed on this page are playing

March 2014 through March 2015

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ADDRESSES and BOX OFFICE PHONE numbers of all the Theater’s we stage our shows in:


BROADWAY THEATER:                  340 East Broadway, Vista, CA 92084

                                                                 BOX OFFICE:   (760) 806-7905

                                                                 To view seating chart click HERE 

AVO PLAYHOUSE:                           303 Main Street, Vista, CA  92084

                                                                 BOX OFFICE:   (760) 724-2110

                                                                 To view seating chart click HERE 

WELK RESORT THEATER:           8860 Lawrence Welk Dr. Escondido, CA

                                                                 BOX OFFICE:   (888) 802-7469

                                                                 To view seating chart click HERE 


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Text Box: A great way to spend a cool fall  afternoon or evening….

Don is a type 'A' ... 'must win'... 'take no prisoners' Little League coach who gets stuck with Michael, a 'have fun'... 'play nice' and 'don't cheat' Dad who just wants to spend quality time with his kid. 


When these two personalities clash over coaching styles the outcome is hilarious and heartwarming. 


Directed by Randall Hickman

And starring:

Torre Younghans

and Randall Huft


Don't miss the SAN DIEGO PREMIER of this wonderful new comedy at the

Broadway Theater








The Broadway Theater has been having a banner year explains owner/director Randall Hickman,  “2014 marks our 10th season and our attendance is up 9% over last year.  Why? We listened to our patrons and put together a season the theater going public would enjoy and it’s paying off”.  The upcoming sixth production is a Little League charmer that made it’s debut at the Globe Theater several years ago.  The production is Richard Dresser’s called ROUNDING THIRD.  


What is ROUNDING THIRD about?  It’s about two polar opposite coaches who are thrown together.  Macho baseball fanatic, Don, is the seasoned coach of the Little League team of which his son is the star. He gets stuck with assistant coach Michael, who is, of all things, Canadian. Michael's son is, well, uh, a nice kid, the kind you hope never gets the ball hit to him, and Michael's own sports background is limited to, well, uh, curling.


“Don is a win-at-all-costs coach who’s not above cheating if he needs too, and Michael just wants everyone to ‘have fun”.


Don is played by Broadway Theater veteran Torre Younghans and Michael is played by a Randall Huft.  Both gentleman recently appeared opposite Broadway Theater owners Randall Hickman and Douglas Davis in the Odd Couple at the Welk Resort Theater.


Hickman continues. “ROUNDING THIRD is a two man show that takes off like a roller coaster and dares you to hang on for the ride.  From the very first meeting the two men bristle each other.  Don dominates the coaching until the day Michael says, ‘enough is enough’.  When the two start butting heads, revelations come out that neither expect. 


Show are Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 pm

Tickets are $21.50.  Do you just want to purchase an individual ticket or two? 

Call (760) 806-7905 or order ON LINE by CLICKING HERE